The Vindictives – I Will Not (I-IV)

It feel like people are living in my head.
Well, not people but entities who wear masks of people I know. Generally dark or malicious forces using familiar faces to fuck with my mentality more so.
Don’t get in my way, not that I’ll do much but at the moment, in the world or multiverse I’m occupying, I am death.
People don’t believe me, cause I’m nice, but never trust a man with a smile and of course death is going to be nice when it’s coming for you, it wants you, and there’s no better way to get what you want than by being lovely.

I don’t want it to be this way. I don’t want these beings infiltrating my world in my sleep.
How can I destroy them when I’m awake, the non-human entities, or devils, who dwell in the deep recesses?

Get through the day is all you can do. I will not let those fucks win.