Thrush? – nope, just The Flaming Lips

The Flaming lips

The Flaming lips are a band…. sort of. Maybe they’re more like a group of artists. Whenever I listen to them I get the impression that what I’m listening to is more of an expression of ideas or emotions than a “song”. A lot of their music has a dark or sinister lean to it, but with confetti and spacemen and puppets. I like that. Kind of like Nine Inch Nails on Sesame Street or something? Their music always seems more participatory, more like an experience than an album.
I think they’ve been around since the late 80s? They always had a kind of spacey, psychedelic sound, but they never fail to progress on each release. A combination of dissonance and harmony and the juxtaposition of joy and despair.
Always challenging themselves with new ideas. Like the 24 hour song. Or a live recording of the album “the Soft Bulletin” on a flash drive embedded in a marijuana-flavored brain inside a strawberry flavored gummy skull. Or the “Gummy Song Fetus” EP which consisted of three songs on a flash drive embedded in a bubblegum-flavored fetus. Or the limited edition release of the “Heady Fwends” vinyl which contained blood from the guests on the album. Or the album Zaireeka which comes on 4 CD’s designed to be played simultaneously on 4 separate CD players. An experiment which they conceived of after giving out tapes to a car park full of fans to be played on the car stereos under the conduction of the band.
They never fail to come up with an interesting way of getting their tunes to you or delivering an original experience.
They even do a complete cover of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd (a bold task to undertake) and I do not hate it. In fact I would even go so far as to say it’s pretty damn good. – Possibly the greatest compliment I could pay to them (or any musician!) In fact there is something quite Barrett-esque in a lot of what they do. They come skipping towards you like a sunny, nursery-rhyme hippie full of folk tunes and patchouli oil, then hand you a bag of live snails and grin like an acid freak .

This is “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song” a cheery little number off the album- “At War with the Mystics”

This is “You Must Be Upgraded” from “Heady Fwends”, an album featuring a different guest artist on each track, with appearances from Erykah Badu and Nick Cave among others. To prove how great the rest of the tunes are here’s the collaboration with Kesha (which fucking rocks!)

An oldie but goldie- the rhyme scheme in this grungy 90’s gem is psychedelic genius

And finally the opening song from their new album “the Terror” the track “Look… the sun is rising” with video made from a fan competition. – I cant wait to hear the full album.