Snowfall in the Vatican

It’s been recently revealed by Bild am Sonntag, a popular German newspaper, that in January German officials found three hundred and forty (340) grams of cocaine passing through Leipzig airport.

Turns out the coke was addressed to the Vatican from South America and was packaged in fourteen (14) condoms.

It seems like we have a joker in the midst, really, condoms in the Vatican? You couldn’t even make that up if you tried.

German and the Vatican officials set up a sting operation to try to catch the recipient(s) of the packages but to no luck.

The Vatican has an estimated population of around eight hundred and forty (840) people. That’s not a lot really. Why not just have a big meeting, use the process of elimination and ask everybody individually? They are all clergymen, you’d think a trait they’d share would be honestly… hopefully.

Another series of events that took place in the Vatican in January was that Pope Francis removed and replaced four (4) out of the five (5) members of the Vatican’s bank board. These would be the people that look after the money of one the of world’s largest religions… Hmmm…

(also, just because of the connection with Germany, last October Pope Francis also suspended a German bishop who built a $forty three (43) million dollar ‘residence’)

The Vatican is a very mysterious place with its own laws and jurisdictions and at the present moment the investigation remains ‘open’.

This isn’t the first time that the Vatican, cocaine and secret operations have all come together.

My good friend whom I never met physically named Robert Anton Wilson has a lecture called ‘The Vatican/ Cocaine/ CIA Connection.’

Updates to come, if publicly open progress becomes available.,view=conversionToLogin.bild.html