Sleep into Dreams

I like sleep, it seems to add chapters to what is called life.
I’ve been alive for 8,842 days, which is, let’s say, 212,208 hours.
Now, let’s say I’m the average healthy person and I get the 8 hours sleep every night and I’ve slept for a third of my life.
That means that I’ve slept for 70,736 hours of my life. That quite a lot of time.
If the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to become professional at anything means that anyone over the age of 3 and a half is a professional sleeper using this ratio. I am not including aspects like narcolepsy and insomnia.

There are two stages of sleep, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep. The body switches between the two stages, generally starting with NREM and then moving to REM sleep.

NREM has four stages.
Stage 1 last for about 5-10 minutes. This is where the feeling of falling comes into sleep which can cause the muscles to contract, to indicate to the brain that the body is still alive.
Stage 2 is the period of light sleep, where the heart slows and the body temperature decreases. During this stage Polysomnographic readings (the comphrensive recording of biophysical changes during sleep) show peaks and valleys of positive and negative waves.
Stage 3 & 4 is deeper sleep, also known as delta sleep, and these are the stages where if someone is woken during they can feel disorientated for a while.
NREM sleep is when the body repairs itself, regenerating tissue, builds bones and muscle and appears to strengthen the immune system.

REM sleep is around 20%-50% of our sleep and we can dip into it four or five times during a night’s sleep.
REM sleep is weird because the neurons in the brain show patterns very similar to those of waking life.
This is where dreams come into play. Since we dip into REM various times over our sleep, that means that we’d dip into various dreams, which is how the non-linear aspect appears but when we wake, our mind tries to piece together dreams as if they’re memories.

(Goya’s The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters)

For example, I’ve woken from dreams I’ve had that must of been in my last REM cycle of sleep because when I wake up the images/language/story is fresh in my mind. Then I start to realise I’ve had this dream before, or I have the feeling of deja vu that I’ve had this dream before, but I can’t put a time to when I’ve had the dream before.
I’ve started down the track that maybe I’ve had the same dream twice in one night at various stages of my sleep cycle and can only remember the freshest one. Like repetition.

So I’ll ask you, what’s the difference between a dream and a memory if your mind considers them the same thing.

I love dreams because nobody really knows much about them, even though they are probably the most spiritual, insightful and strange experience we can have as beings.
I’ve heard that dreams are the function of the brain processing the days information. I’ve also heard that dreams are the training we undertake in order to propel ourselves as consciousness into our space travels.
I like to think dreams are the movie previews to death, and it looks like a great fuckin’ movie.

 There are various types of dreams too.
Lucid dreams are when you know you’re dreaming and can control your actions in the dream state. Forget science and religion for a minute, if this doesn’t show “proof” of the eternal beings that we are then you’re not going to find proof.

(Artwork by Brion Gysin, inventor of the DreamMachine)

Dreams are a biological necessity
Experiments have been done where people are woken up when they start to fall into REM sleep, which means it stops them from dreaming. Well, what happens very quickly is that the subjects start to show signs of sleeplessness, no matter how much dreamless sleep they actually get.
Sleeplessness is fatal after about 2 weeks or so

So if dreams are a biological necessity then they must serve some function.
A self that can travel through time and space on an astral plane is probably a thing worth looking into.
Individually we have this ability, as individuals, YOU HAVE THIS ABILITY, YOU, PERSONALLY.

I had a dream about 4 years ago now. It was around the time of my father’s 50th birthday and he had a big party and lots of people came. I believe it was that night.
I’d gone to bed at about 11:30pm in the waking world and went to sleep. When I’ve gone to sleep, I woke up start away, in my bed, in the dream I was in. There was a knocking at the front door.
I went to the front door, opened it and there were about 20 people, family and others from my father’s party, on my front lawn. They had news about a birth in the family and wanted to come in and talk about it. It was sunny and daylight outside.
I was living in a small flat, so I said only 2 of them could come in. They came in, chatted and then left.
I went back to my bed in the dream, and as I lay down and drifted off to sleep in the dream, I woke up in the waking world. It was around 8am.
I felt refreshed like I’d slept, but I didn’t really because I was conscious the whole time, in the same place, on a different plane.
That dream taught me a lot about time.

I’ve also come into contact with the Ugly Spirit, or the Alien Invader, in my dreams. I’ve met devils disguised as people close to me.

So, who knows what’s real?
“Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.”

This is a picture I took at S-21 in Cambodia. I’ve been to this place in the picture before in a dream. It was quite scary for me when I saw this photo.