Reasons to Travel – Number Three – Travel takes on a new meaning

Reasons for travel-

number 3 – Travel

Written By Natty Dread – I know one thing- I’ve told my story about the bus crashing into the swamp in the middle of the night during rainy season about 100 times. People want to hear it because it’s interesting. But I never told anyone about catching the number 24 to work because no one gives a shit, including me.

Normally you wake up every day to the humdrum commute to work. You walk in the rain breathing fumes. You get on your bike and motorists try to kill you. You get in your car and park it with everyone else’s in the endless traffic. Or you trudge onto the train/bus with everyone else and sweat your way to work.

But when you travel transport ceases to be boring and becomes one of the most interesting parts of your day. How could you be bored clinging desperately to the back of an unlicensed unregistered motorbike riding stranger you met in the street and bartered a lift from?

And it’s never a regular 8 am departure. No, no, no. You’ll be leaving at 4.30 am or 11.45 pm to be jammed into your chosen method of transport with other wanderers, sacks of food or dirt, animals and assorted livestock, smaller forms of transport or farm machinery and pretty much anything anyone could ever imagine.

You’ll meet strange strangers and be forced to share personal space and oxygen with them for the entire journey (which will be an indeterminable amount of time) but by the end you wil be sharing laughs despite not speaking a word of each other’s language, whilst exchanging cigarettes for slugs of local grog and other unidentified items which you will eat for fear of offending your new found friends.

What’s that? You paid for a private taxi? That’s what you thought. You will be amazed at how many other people will be able to fit into that spacious fiat uno with you and your luggage.

And where will your magical mystery tour drop you off in the end? With a bit of luck it will at least be within a donkey/camel/moose ride of where you intended? , and if not you can always take a chance on an unknown hotel or crash with your new bus buddies? If not then you can hitch a lift for the price of pocket money and start the whole adventure again.

It may be sweaty or smelly? You may get bitten by bugs or bumped about? You may have to share your seat/bench/spot on the floor with chickens and children? But nine times out of ten you get a story out of it.

And it could be worse. It could be taking you to work at that shitty job you hate where you dream about traveling?