Psychic TV, Genesis P-Orridge & Brian Jones


“Psychic TV is a video group who does music unlike a music group which makes music videos”

IF we’re going to get into the whole ‘ART THING’ you can’t really look past Genesis P-Orridge, one of the most prolific artists of our time not only in the music and visual arts world, but also in change in conscious experimentation and social expectations.
Psychic TV was formed after the break-up of the former band Throbbing Gristle and holds a Guinness (you know, the beer) Book of Records for most albums released in a year.
There’s been several line-up changes since the band’s 1981 initiation and as of 2014 we’re up to the incarnation known as PTV3.


The thing I quite like in life is finding things out, it makes me feel joyous. GODSTAR is about Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones. Now I don’t listen to the Rolling Stones but I don’t like mike jagger and keith richards (bastards!) so any reason to not like them more is a good one for me and thanks to Genesis P-Orridge my interest has been sparked.

Brian Jones started the Rolling Stones, came up with the name, the music, booked gigs, he was the Rolling Stones, then the two other dickfaces started taking over kinda thing. Brian Jones goes on a holiday to Morocco for a few months and when he gets back his girlfriend is now mick jagger’s girlfriend.
“That’s my girlfriend Mick!”
“nar shes mine now brian”
I’m telling you mick jagger is a bastard!
Anyway, so what happens is there’s a growing riff in the band and Brian Jones is found dead floating in a pool, the first of the 60’s megastars to join the 27 Club (which is of course the death of some rock ‘n rollers at the age of 27 including Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix [how’d you like the cover above], and a bunch of other drug addicts).
Now this could be a clear cut case of someone going of the edge, but oh my pretties I believe not.
Firstly, if you find somebody floating in a pool, why would you call the Rolling Stones publicist before the ambulance? and why would whoever was there collect all Brian’s clothing, demo tapes and memorabilia and burn it before calling the police? Hmmm… something seems fishy here.
And I know what it is: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix & John Lennon were recording demos together at Olympic studios in London!
Imagine that supergroup.
mick jagger and keith richards wouldn’t stand a fuckin’ chance.


Check out what Genesis P-Orridge looks like now… but that’s another story