Criminalization and Absurdity – Why are the police allowed to conduct crime?

You can’t say cops are a good thing, but you can’t say cops are a bad thing either.

For me, being from Australia, it’s quite confusing because our first police officers were made up of the most well behaved prisoners.

I like the idea, it’s not a bad idea, having some people out there whose job it is to look after the community to make it a safer place. That’s a lovely idea. Sadly, though that’s not what the police state is about.

When we talk about the police, we’re really talking about one of the lower rungs of the phallic structure which is society. We’re talking about The Force, the ones who are just following orders.

I’ve recently gotten a sheriff’s badge which says ‘NSW Police Detective’ and I’ve been wearing it to the various place I work at.

I work with kids at daycare centers and schools.

The kids see the badge and whatever funny hat I’m wearing and ask me “Are you in the police? Are you a police officer?”

I always respond with “No, I’m not a police officer, but I am in charge of the police. You see this is how it works. We all pay taxes, well not “youse” because “youse” are only kids, but see, your parents pay taxes. Those taxes go to the government and pay for things like roads, and schools and the police. So the money that we all pay in tax pays the police’s wage, so we’re their bosses. Don’t let them tell you what to do, you tell them what to do, like a boss.” ( yo͞oz/pronoun – dialect)

This is how I explain the idea of the police and essentially authority to children and it’s completely relevant when looking at what’s in place. We are the bosses, but the fact of being a boss gets all wrapped up in money, power and the status quo.

Companies act as bosses who pass the orders down to the politicians, the politicians make up rules to pass down to the police to enforce upon everybody else who are actually funding most of these steps.

For example, junkies all became criminals overnight because of legislation passed, which is then enforced by the police. Normal drug using citizens are all now criminals. Then it moves onto pot smokers, who once again all became criminals overnight because someone squiggled on a piece of paper.

Let’s look at who benefits from drug criminalization: politicians, police officers as well as companies.
Companies own the jails, get free labour at the prisons they run, they own people’s lives.

Politicians get a scapegoat to place the blame on, drugs, and the police come across the drugs and the drugs dealers and users, and when they take the drugs and money away from the dealers and the users where does all of the drug money go? Well, have enough people sit around a big pile of drugs and cash for a little while and something comes about.

Maybe those drugs and/or drug money could be fed back to the politicians in exchange for, oh let’s say a pay rise or something. Maybe there is a blind eye turned in the court of law when a police constable is standing accused of assault against a homeless man; or maybe a blind eye is turned that lets two pieces of shit dressed in a blue uniform who raped a woman whilst thirty eight other pieces of shit witness the event, get away with bail and suspended with full pay.

Don’t believe what you’re told. If you can’t believe your own eyes and intuition that something is wrong, go and sit in the corner.

What about new protest laws. In Victoria, Australia, you can now be given (oh thanks for the gift) a $720 fine for protesting.

Overnight protesters have become criminals in Australia and must now pay for the privilege of protest.

I have a friends who are involved in anti-mining activism here in Australia and of course they get harassed by the police. The companies in Australia with the cash in hand and the dick on screen are the mining companies.

So if you protest coal mines, once again you’re now labelled a criminal.

These are people who don’t want forests destroyed forever just so someone can get some more cash.
These people aren’t criminals… so why does it look like a war?

Look at Bill,

‘At 92 I was arrested for protesting against mining, I’m glad I took a stand’,

He is not a fuckin’ criminal, he’s a war veteran from WWII, but according to the mining industry he’s a ‘nuisance’.

That’s Australia, check out this in Albuquerque in the USA.

Police started using tear gas on people who were out the front of the Albuquerque police station on Sunday. The people were protesting the police killing of 38 year old homeless man, James Boyd.  Did this guy look like he was about to kill one of those officers? Or did the police just lawlessly kill someone who quite obviously should have been in a psychiatric hospital?

Anonymous posted a video on the internet calling out for people to:
“Let them know your city is not a place for war games against the homeless and the less fortunate.”

This is how the protest was put down by our law enforcement officers, who took to tear gassing the protesters who I would say had a valid reason for protesting.

This is very simple logic and one look at any newspaper will explain all this in about the first one and a half pages.

People aren’t stupid but we are stuck. You can feel the tension building, something’s going to happen soon. Or maybe it’s always felt like that, I’m not sure I haven’t been alive overly long.

Ask Bill, he might know.

I’m sure I’ll be writing more on the police so stay tuned. Until then this is my housemate Jamo reciting poetry while locked onto a bulldozer in the Leard State Forest while a storm rolls in… Enjoy

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