Palm Oil Rant

85% of all palm oil globally produced and exported from Indonesia and Malaysia, around 54 million tons per year.

According to a report published in 2007 by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), a rainforest area the equivalent of 300 soccer fields is being destroyed every hour, to be made into palm oil plantations. That doesn’t even sound possible, does it?!

Borneo has less than 20% of its rainforests left – It is being cut down, burnt and turned into palm oil plantations. It is then sold to be used to bulk up crappy western brand name products. Aaahh! Makes you proud to be part of the human race doesn’t it?

What is palm oil used for? –Fucking everything. It is used to bulk up pretty much every item you can buy. Making it appear as if you are getting more for your money than you actually are, because you could make pretty much all of these things without it – just probable not as “cost effectively”. It is an edible vegetable oil that can be mixed into pretty much everything to increase the weight. (Like hemp oil?)

Chocolate, jelly sweets, crisps, ice cream, soap, perfume, butter, toothpaste, breakfast cereal, shaving foam/gel, pizza, shampoo, bread, biscuits, mascara, peanut butter, noodles, crackers candles and a shit load more.

Most brands don’t advertise the fact that they are murdering the planet to boost their profits so, instead of palm oil, you will find it on the ingredients list as – Vegetable oil, stearate, stearyl, cetyl, cetearyl, Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate, sodium dodecyl sulphate, (SDS or NaDS) sodium,  Calcium stearoyl lactylate steareth -2, steareth -20 emulsifier 422, 430-36, 465-67, 470-8, 481-483, Palmitate / palmate, Elaeis gunieensis, Hydrated palm, ­gylcerides hexadecanoic and Palmitic acid. All palm oil.

Just some of the brand names that use it are –nestle ( surprise! Whenever there’s a bit of  exploitation to be had these guys are right in there!), bassetts, aunt bessies, ben & jerrys, cadburys, colgate, clover, youngs chip shop, kellogs, dove, flora, gillette, goodfellas, hovis, johnsons baby oil, lóreal (owned by nestle), mr kipling, olay, pears, pot noodle, ritz,warburtons and that’s just the English brands. Plus rolo’s by hershey, starburst, skittles, reese’s peanut butter cups, mars chocolate products, chips ahoy, oreo cookies, girl scout cookies, milka chocolates, reisen’s candy twizzlers, and damn near any corporation you would dare to name. That’s not to say that every single one of them is using dirty palm oil, some companies do make an effort (or at least the public appearance of making an effort) to ethically source their oil. But then again where else do you see palm oil plantations? Are there any near you?

The largest palm oil producers are – wilmar, IOI and sinar mas

The major palm oil traders are – cargill and archer daniels midland (ADM)

The largest individual consumers of palm oil are – unilever, nestlé, procter & gamble and henkel
(According to its own figures, the unilever group alone consumes 1.6 million tons of palm oil every year) (2008!).

All of them cutting and burning forests, displacing indigenous communities and farmers, stealing tribal lands, destroying habitats and murdering wildlife for their own massive personal gain.

After Green Peace made these brilliant fake kitkat ads (which were instantly banned; which therefore went instantly viral! Nothing makes you click a link like the word BANNED) nestle made a statement promising to try, maybe, if they get the time, to kinda not try and destroy the planet for money. A lot like when they promised 13 years ago to try, kind of, maybe, if they get the time, to not source their raw cocoa from plantations which use child slave labour (see our article

If they’re murdering babies, trafficking child workers and stealing water because there are basically no consequences for rich folks actions- do you really think they’ll keep a promise about not killing plants and animals? You don’t think a few leaves and some mangy squirrels and monkeys will stand between them and a swift enormous profit do you? Its ok – planets don’t need oxygen, water or biodiversity – we’re one step closer to fitting in with the rest of our solar system! No one likes to stand out in the crowd.

I’m not saying we should ban palm oil or chocolate or shampoo. I’m just saying that maybe it’s time as a species that we take responsibility for our horrific, senseless actions?

Hunter S Thompson said – “Human beings are the only creatures on Earth who claim a God, and the only living thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one”

We’re the ones who buy all this shit. If we don’t buy it than the filthy, greedy money beasts do not get paid.  That’s the only language they understand. Start fucking with their cash and I guarantee they’re gonna notice you.


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