nestle – Taste the Deceit

Good ol’ nestle – we know they’re scum, we accept that they are scum; we give them our money anyway.


In life I generally associate with other subversives, hippies, headbangers, punks and assorted weirdos wherever possible (I’m not saying that’s right- just my preferred taste). And for as long as I can remember, whenever the subject has come up at least one of us would have something to say about the evil behemoth that is nestle. Seriously, this has been going on for as long as my mates have been strange, and that’s a good long while now (no offence guys).

What is it going to take to put a stop to these money grubbing demon swine? Do they need to steal the world’s water supply before we notice that they are super villains? Trust me if your waiting for that they will not disappoint.

In 2001 (that’s 13 years for those not keen on maths) the Harkin-Engel Protocol was signed by nestle and all the other chocolate monsters. The international chocolate manufactures protocol to prevent the use of child labor.

Here is a copy for your perusal –

Since signing this (apparently) insignificant scrap of paper these child trafficking sacks of shit have considered the matter closed. No matter how many times their greed and contempt for mankind is publically exposed.

nestle, mars incorporated, cargill, adm, kraft and barry callebaut all issue the same statement through their joint spokesperson when questioned about child slave labour in the acquisition of their cocoa. In one part it states that-

“…the vast majority of cocoa farms are not owned by the companies that make chocolate or supply cocoa and we therefore don’t have direct control over cocoa farming or labour practices…”

-Statement from the Global Chocolate and Cocoa Industry

-Let me translate that for you – “…we accept no responsibility for the appalling and illegal conditions caused by our massively profiting from the suffering and exploitation of people who cannot financially afford to get us in any kind of trouble…”

64% of the world’s chocolate comes out of Africa, around 2186000 tons per year. Mainly from the Ivory Coast, (wonder how it got that delightful moniker?) Niger and Ghana. The rest comes out of places like Indonesia and South America, both locations with spotless human rights records. I wonder if it’s at all coincidental that all these countries are lacking financially for most of their population? That wouldn’t make exploitation of their inhabitants and resources easier to accomplish would it?

1 kilo of cocoa beans, bought in Africa for 1 euro can be turned into 40 chocolate bars.

But maybe I’m being too harsh, “they do good works”- collectively as an industry they invested 6 million in the past 9 years on aid.

But then again nestle individually has a turnover of 9 billion euros in a year.

 Mmmm! – delicious capitalism.

nestle –

Taste the deceit.

You like that,

 don’t you bitch.


Full documentary on child trafficking and cocoa production in the Ivory Coast –