How to make the best weed butter known to man!

How to make weed butter

The Magic behind Magical Butter

Marijuana is now widely used in the medical world in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, ailments and for pain reduction. Weed is no longer viewed as a dangerous addictive substance after several medical studies conducted to prove its medical benefits to patients suffering from, cancer, MS, hypertension and others have turned up trumps. With this development, cannabis based butter is gaining popularity as an alternative to smoking cannabis for home treatment. Here is some information that you need to know about this magical butter.

How Magical is Magical Butter?

Weed or cannabis butter is easy to make with the aid of a new device called Magical Butter that can be bought from the companies website. It has the ability to concoct the butter without standing for long periods, there is no sweating out when stirring in front of the stove, no dangerous fire risk and no messing around with butane.  The typical process I have used to make weed butter used to take a day or two in order to get a decent batch, now it takes me around 3 hours with the new Magical Butter machine. And it is not just butter, you can make tinctures, oil and other concoctions with this machine, and of course you don’t have to use weed.

All you have to do is to prepare the weed and its accompanying ingredients, put them inside the machine and cover it firmly after you have chosen what type of product you are going to produce. Let it work for an hour or two, depending on the type of  recipe that you have selected, two hours later hey presto..time to get high.

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The Health Benefits of Cannabis Butter

Cannabis or marijuana is considered a panacea after several studies claimed to prove its health benefits to patients. With myriads of benefits to you, the magical butter machine was invented to produce herbal butter or “a tincture” which is easier to prepare and is ingested or rubbed on the skin by patients so there is no need to smoke it.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and hundreds of other medical conditions have been proven to be helped by ingesting cannaboids.  Do not believe what the medical industry tells you – they don’t stand to make any money from weed! Get more information & buy online

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and inflammation can benefit from the weed butter. Although it has psychoactive ingredients you do not have to worry about addiction, some of the symptoms of being high on ingested weed include mouth dryness, paranoia, depression, loss of memory, impairment of the motor skills and other forms of psychosomatic illness, the THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol compounds can result to positive mood, intense feeling of euphoria and stimulate appetite.  Take a look at this news clip.

How do I use it ?

When taken under supervision of a friend, the cannabis butter is an excellent alternative to cure various diseases which cannot be treated with synthetic or traditional medicine. The production of cannabis butter can be an important step in home treatment provided your country or state does not restrict its use.  If pot is illegal where you live then you have to face a legal battle if found guilty of illicit production and use. Get more information & buy online

Eating weed is better than smoking weed

You might ask which one is better smoking or eating marijuana. Health practitioners would advise you to eat weed rather than smoke it, and the reasons are obvious. Smoking can be hazardous to health while eating has strong effect without nasty lung related side effects.

Once ingested, you can feel the highest level of ecstasy and euphoria, so always be careful not to take more than your body requirements or else you will definitely experience some of the strange effects of an ultra strong weed dose. If you do not have any experience speak to your medical practitioner first.

The THC  goes directly to your blood stream and it circulates in your body.  The compound THC and its active ingredients will go into your nervous system, when you smoke or eat marijuana; thus affecting your body functioning if taken excessively.

How does the Magical Butter Machine Work

Magical Butter is an indispensable kitchen partner to those making weed tinctures and butter. It lessens your time in concocting the cannabis butter, tinctures and herbal oil.  All you have to do is to allow the machine to operate freely instead of sweating out while standing and stirring for one to three hours. It is functional and its technology is excellent. It also cleans automatically after you are done making your high times products.

Before operating the Magical Butter machine, read the instructions carefully. The machine has a press button which you will select if you want to make a butter, oil or tincture, tinctures are usually used to rub on the skin, for example as a treatment for skin cancer.

Cover the lid properly after you have placed the ingredients inside, then press the button of your choice. The machine is not only limited to making cannabis butter, but you can make a lot of oil products from peanut, corn, sunflower, butter, olive, coconut and canola. Get more information & buy online

It is automatic process and controlled by microprocessor within the machine. It has its built-in timer and temperature sensor. You also get a load of free recipes for your guidance. When using the Magical Butter machine, you don’t have to worry about the quality and potency so much, it is not the same as when you use an ordinary cooking pot and have to be constantly on the look out and always testing the butters consistency. It is almost impossible to go wrong with this ultra-modern kitchen gadget since it has the ability to retain the flavor and the nutrients even if the cooking lasts for a few hours.

With an accurate recipe, the result is a perfect butter and oil products. A herbal and butter mixture such as the cannabis butter is cooked perfectly. When done, it automatically cleans itself, simply by putting a drop of liquid dish washing solution and pressing the clean button.  After a few seconds, it the machine is clean. Your next task is to wipe it dry for your next butter making task. Get more information & buy online

What Products can You Make with Magical Butter?

Magical butter is a must-have kitchen gadget in making herb infused butter such as weed butter. It does not only produce tasty and flavorful cannabis butter, but it also produces a lot of oil products extracted from corn, coconut, sunflower, peanut, olive and butter as well as a tincture. You will only need two hours to cook any herbal butter, one hour for herbal oil, and four to eight hours for herbal tincture.

Each cooking session needs you to cook a maximum of two to five cups of the ingredients. This is the perfect machine to cook the herb and oil products which replaces the traditional cookware and blender. It is capable of mixing, heating, grinding and stirring of the ingredients. The Magical butter is ideal for making juicing recipes for health buffs. Leave to your imagination what fruits or vegetables can you use in the magical butter machine.

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Where to Buy Magical Butter

Although they can be bought at appliance stores, you can purchase the product online direct from the manufacturer. However, you should be cautious when dealing with online companies including Ebay and Amazon  as you can never tell if the machine will be covered by the manufacturers warranty or even if it is not a cheap knock off of this awesome product. You can visit at the website for additional information about this wonderful product and to buy it online.

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Can not afford a Magical Butter Machine?

If you really don’t think Magical butter is for you then here is the full process you can use without the machine to produce your weed butter. Please be aware the process is involved but it is worth it in the end!

Still not convinced?

We don’t want to push you into anything that you do not want to do, however getting high is a lot better than suffering especially if the effects of ingesting cannabis mean that your pain will be reduced or if it causes even partial regression of your disease or ailment.  Take a look at this excellent documentary before you make up your mind.

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