Lines in the sand

Lines in the sand

I just read this ” A line in the sand is a funny thing; it is always open to change. So why do we have them? Lines in the sand act as temporary markers, detailing when things need to stop, at least for a while.

Anyone can drawer a line in the sand, it is easy.

You can not stop the sea of positives’ once it has washed over even your most finely crafted lines.

Why a sea of positiveness, why a sea of love? Why not a sea of bad shit?? – Well, Why not. It is your line in the fucking sand after all!….although its not your fucking sand, it belongs to all of us”.

Take a choice, right now, right this moment, it is ok….your choice will be right. The choice – Up the fuck to you: Good or Bad, Freedom or slavery, , light or darkness – Ying or Tang – take a choice.  Let us just see what happens. Just make a fucking decision for fucks sake so we can all get on with our lives….