Lairs – Broken Witch

Lairs - Broken Witch -

“Library, oh library, how I love you sooo…..”
I found an album at the public library once, it was called They Were Wrong, So We Drowned. As I held it in my hand I thought, what is this?
It’s an album by Lairs, and is a loosely based concept album about witches on the Brocken mountains on Walpurgis night.

The Brocken mountains are known for their associations of witchcraft and the Brocken Spectrum, where the shadow of the observer is projected into the mist from the Sun behind, creating an otherworldly like phenomena.
The Brocken was mention in Faust by Goethe:

“Now to the Brocken the witches ride;
The stubble is gold and the corn is green;
There is the carnival crew to be seen,
And Squire Urianus will come to preside.
So over the valleys our company floats,
With witches a-farting on stinking old goats.”

The first song, Broken Witch, blew my mind to the point where I was using it in performances.
I listened to the whole album the other day while I was out and about doing errands. In K-Mart looking for tents, I closed my eyes as the music played. The air was unnatural where I was, thick and stagnant, something was very wrong. In K-Mart with the lights to bright and the atmosphere closing in, the album finally made sense. Witches are everywhere.

Lairs – Broken Witch