The Historical Origins of Bacon

Turns out Bacon (previously known as bacoun) is one of the oldest cuts of meats in history, able to be dated to 1,500 BC.
That’s a long time, a lot longer than I’ve been around for.
Bacon/Bacoun used to refer to all pork in general, and has linguistically roots in both German and French.

Bacon, now days, is cured meat from a pig, that generally comes in slices, and is very popular as a breakfast food.

Curing meat is a food preservation process where salt, nitrates, brine or sugars are added to kill off unwanted bacteria.
Smoked meat is essentially the same process but with smoke.
Both methods are used for bacon.

Before the Industrial Revolution, bacon was produced on the local farms and was quite commonly produced at home as well, because in pre-industrial Britain most people had pigs, some even kept pigs in the basement if they lived in the city. Not anymore though.

In 1770 some English guy named John Harris opened his company in Caine in Wiltshire, where imported pigs from Ireland who were being led through England would stop and have a rest. Some of them were turned into bacon, because there were always pigs coming through.
John Harris became the Godfather of large scale bacon making.

Then the Industrial Revolution came along and turned everything into an “industry”, so guess what happened to bacon.
That’s right you guessed it, bacon took off even more and is now a commercially viable product, with pigs being the ‘raw material’ needed to make bacon.
There’s even pigs who are bred especially for bacon, called ‘Bacon Breeds’.

Now days, half the world’s pigs are raised in China, and nearly all of those pigs are for consumption.
People are just insane for this shit.
Now let’s move onto my opinion.
I like Pigs, I like Bacon, I like Pigs more than I like Bacon, I hate overbearing consumption and I don’t want to see Pigs locked up.
Pigs are important, why do you think some consider them holy while they play a major part in most people’s eating habits?

And how do we thank the Pigs? By fueling this shit now days:
I don’t want to see my swine brethren slain for this…

I’d like people to have their own pigs and make their own bacon, or at least know the local bacon supplier, if you’re going to eat bacon…  You could have bacon parties with your butcher and gain a better understanding of the circle of life.

Same with gardens and vegetables, grow your own vegetables.

“But we have to go to work and we don’t have time for the vegetable growing.”

People go to work to make money to buy food. You could disregard most of that sentence and just leave People & Food.
I’m sure we’ll figure out a way.

There’s a line in a GZA verse that says “Unnecessary beef is more cows to breeds”, same applies to pigs.

Remembering Bacon

Remember Bacon?
Bacon was a fun little swine who gallowed through the fields like the piglet that it was.
One day, Bacon was going down it’s favourite trail path by the mulberry bush, when a Praying Mantis appears with a big smile.

“Bacon (!) ol’ pal ol’ chum, how do you do on this fine afternoon?”
Bacon was curious, why do strangers know my name?

“I’m good thank you, how are you?”
The Stranger, smiling big, slings an arm around Bacon shoulder.

“Well Bacon, let me tell you, let me tell you. It ain’t like the good ol’ days with all these network displays…”
[Picture of financial spreadsheet]
“… and it even matters if your gay. A completely irrelevant issue…”
[Picture of a rainbow flag imprinted with happy dinosaurs]
“…well bye for now Bacon.”

Bacon walks on down it’s favourite trail path past the mulberry bush to the pond. Little quack squeak ducks wave welcomes,
“Hello Bacon!”
Bacon and the ducks paddle in the water and have swimming races.
“Yay! Winner don’t matter.”
Bacon gets out of the pond and dries off.
“See you ducks!” “See you Bacon!”

Bacon walks down it’s favourite trail path past the mulberry bush, past the pond, through Mexico and onto a hill.

Bacon fell down the hill. That’s the last I heard of Bacon.

(In the bottom corner of the page Les Claypool can narrate.)