Golden Orb styles…

Golden Orb

This is a band I really like that I’ve been hanging out with, Golden Orb.

At the moment there’s three of them, Bron, Sy and Javier. Sometimes the stage is graced with other talents and it’s an all out monster mash, they’re genius.

Every live performance is different because of the improvisation aspects, band members swapping around what instruments they’re playing (which is definitely something to witness, watching people be completely comfortable with their various tools), along with genres and styles and the fact that there’s an energy in the air that can only come from being there.

Every time I see them I’m transported off to different worlds behind closed eyes, whether it’s running through the forest as Black Dog, being in primitive jungle as ecto-skeletal ancestry wanders around the trees to lead me to a docked harbour in 1928, or maybe I’m just sitting in a backyard at Art Party in Marrickville and a girl gets on stage from the crowd telling how “Women are better than men, we don’t need men”. She would have been right if her message didn’t turn into drunken conformity.

I’ve seen some live gigs before, I’ve seen Swans and Melvins, and these Golden Orbs are definitely up there with the best of them. They also have an album on Bandcamp:

(Look closely in the video, behind Mr. Fire Ant, leaning on the brick wall. That’s me! What you can’t see is how my notebook is illuminated hiding behind the light.)