Dumpster Diving, way of the future?

Who here likes food?
Who here likes free?
Well, who likes free food? That’s right, Everybody!

Turns out there’s free food in the bins out the back of supermarkets, they throw out just about everything.
We’ve just gotten back (currently 11:27pm 07/04/14) from the IGA bins up the road from our house with peaches (how delicious is Peach Crumble), strawberries, banana bread, a bag full of rutabagas, eggs and an apple for my breakfast.

Most places throw out food that doesn’t fit the stand of what we’re used to as a consumeristic society, if fruit is slightly misshapen, maybe the breads been there for the day, who knows maybe the 1kg of bacon I got on the weekend that wasn’t past it’s used by date, it just deserved to be in there.

(This is what we get to eat at our house)

It’s quite a way to be in the world, barely spending money on food because of the excess that there already is.
I live in the middle of Sydney, there’s no way you could go hungry, there’s just too much about.


There’s little tricks to keep in mind when getting free food.
For example, some supermarkets put their bins out after they close for the night while other bins are there all day.
Some shops have security whose job it is to guard the bins because of the holy grail that dwells within, while some bakeries might even arrange everything nicely for the people coming to liberate the food.


Not just bins either, there’s free food about everywhere.
Community Gardens are a good source for this.
The Community Garden I’ve been frequenting, the Addison Road Community Centre, gets all the left over fruit and veg from the Markets on Sunday’s and people come down and help out and play with compost.
What can be saved is saved, but since there’s so much a lot of it gets composted, which is a very fun to do. You can witness someone run over a big pile of food with a lawnmower.

Compost is actually the way of the future, stay tuned for more details.

Don’t be fooled by whatever forces are keeping you from food out of the bin.
Some people have a problem with hygiene, others consider it stealing if you could believe that, but at the end of the day I’ve never gotten sick from eating food out of the bin. Just give it a wash and after that the food would be just, if not more, clean than in the shops with people putting their grubby hands all over everything.

The bin is your future friend.
It’s a lovely surprise to see what you find inside, and it’s fun.
Go on adventures with people and fuck the system in delicious way.

food4(Look at how much fun these friends are having.)