Come To Daddy – Aphex twin

A classic tune from the classic freak Richard James, Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

The video is as twisted as it is cool and the same goes for the music.

An innovator of electronic music in the 90’s, Aphex Twin’s influence is responsible for a lot of the cooler sounds, beats, and noises we hear across the spectrum of dance and electronic music today.

When asked to play at UK music festival Glastonbury back in the day, he agreed on condition that he was allowed to perform laying on the floor using only a laptop and no stage set.

The song come to daddy was partly responsible for his sudden appearance into the mainstream consciousness when it first came out, but when asked about it he said the song had been a joke that had gotten famous after the amazing video was made.

Admittedly the rest of Aphex Twin’s discography has little in common with this aggressive beast, but the warped video’s kept on coming from Chris Cunningham.

Windowlicker is more akin to Richards customary (if you can call anything he does customary?) sound and style – sit through the two fools at the start, the song is worth it!

This is – Rubber Johnny- by Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin – it is somewhat hilariously disturbing-