Britain’s Best Hope – Bez from the Happy Mondays!

Bes from The Happy Mondays

Written By Natty Dread “If you’re voting for me, you’re voting as a protest about what’s happening in the world at the moment.”

“The system doesn’t work; there is no system, it’s a farce, a state of perpetuated chaos that doesn’t work for man nor beast. I dream of abolishing the whole system; wiping all slates clean, beginning debt free and starting again. Don’t you?” -Bez

In the land of the blind the bug eyed, gurning, sweating, maraca shaking madman is king! It is strange state of affairs to say the least when this man is the sanest choice in any political race.

But god damn it if he doesn’t get my vote! I’d take the word of an ecstasy devouring pot head, on any issue of right and wrong, over the word of any politician any day of the week, month or year.  And I think any sane person would do the same and should support him in his bid to succeed former Labour cabinet minister Hazel Blears.

“As I get it, from the 1930s to the 1970s the agricultural industry dominated the world, from then till now the Banksters have ruled. Both have been more destructive than positive. In my mind, if anyone can save the world from destroying itself, it will be the creative minds: the thinkers, the artists and the avant-garde trailblazers that will ultimately bring down the whole matrix of untruth and set mankind on a lesser destructive and more spiritual path. Like me, most of my fellow artists struggle within the confines of what is ‘politically correct’.”

Bez has pledged to end the current banking system, redistribute wealth, and promote a more sustainable environment.  Good luck to you sir ☺

And the keen beekeeper said he also hopes to “end illness” and “get everybody back to an alkaline state”.

-I’m not even sure I understand what that means, but for some reason this is a face I can trust-

He is expected to stand as an independent candidate when he contests the safe Labour seat.

“I’ve been saying we need a revolution, and there’s no good shouting about it when you’re not actually doing anything.”

With a bit of luck we’ll all be dancing and fucking in the streets under Bez’s new government.

When asked- “Ending all war seems like quite a big ask. Do you have a plan for that?

Bez responded- “A mass conscious shift. As Einstein said, “Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” If the media stopped feeding us with fear, war and money and instead complimented our minds with a little peace and love, we could transcend.”

Doesn’t sound like a politician to me? Vote for the man!!!