Jobs and Drinkin’

It’s not hard to get a job in this country if you’re willing or bothered enough.
I’ve never not had a job when I didn’t want one. Some of them have been shit but if you’re happy to clean toilets and sell products well then, that’s that.
Before moving to Sydney to sleep on my mate’s lounge for about six months I decided that I needed a job so I got a job selling wine over the phone.
They were sneaky fucks, these wine people, what they’d do is get people to fill in surveys at airports with the promise of free mugs. Those people stupid enough to fill in wine surveys in airports never actually got the mugs until they bought some wine off someone and over the phone I was that someone.
The guy who ran the show wasn’t a bad guy and when I quit on a monday afternoon he helped me carry all my shit to my car. Obviously I had a stereo and some Primus albums in the office.

By friday I had another job working as a storeman at a party shop, which was another fuckin’ shit job. I quit that job after the boss (who bought the business off his parents) yelled at me as if I was a schoolkid for using the internet on the computer. Cunt.

Anyway, so what happened was in order to get the job at the party shop I was summoned to the job employement agency for a group interview on the wednesday.
A bunch of unemployed dropkicks sitting around getting high on sugar making paper planes.
One goth kid who got hit in the head with a paper plane got up and left because clearly goth kids don’t like fun.
There was a woman there named Julia and we hit it off. She was a bit older than me kinda hot and I wanted to fuck her so I got her number and then for some reason left.

After I’d left and got the train to home I realised I had fuck all to do so I rang her to see if she wanted to get drunk.
“Sure” she said

So back on the train and off to the pub near her place. We ended up drinking, smoking cigarettes and talking shit on a balcony for a few hours.
We left and went to a different pub and she was pissed and I was pissed but the difference was when I get pissed I don’t get angry or aggressive, I drink to get away from all that shit and be in a pleasant drunken state. Turns out she does get feisty and CRACK she punched a security guard in the head and he grabbed her as she’s still swinging in the air with the rings on her fingers.
They kicked her out and she’s run up the road and I’ve trailed behind her watching her ass as she walks and around the block she tells me that she left her credit card behind the bar.
I don’t know how that happened, but I thought I’d be nice and go and get it back.

“Why are you hanging around with her?” the bargirl asks me as I ask for the card.
“What do you mean?”
“You seem nice… She’s in here all the time causing some sort of trouble.”
I pay the $30 bartab for the card and go and find her again.

Julia’s back at her apartment and she invites me inside. The first thing seen stepping through the door is her bedroom door open, a bed, in the loungeroom a table with some wine bottles.
I found a glass and poured myself a wine as I give her card back to her.
I hadn’t had sex with anybody for about 3 years at this point and this chicks fuckin’ crazy so I’m thinking to myself this is gonna be fun.

She sits down across from me and lights a cigarette and through the door walks some guy in a fluro shirt.
Now I’m naive enough at this point to not even have the thought that they’re gonna rob me go through my head, but the upside to someone trying to rob me is that I have nothing to be robbed of. I’m unemployed and I don’t really care.

What I am thinking though is who the fuck is this guy?
I don’t (and still don’t) know how he fits into the picture but he didn’t really seem to care that I was there so I just kept on drinking wine. He’s even bought some beer and offered me one, “sure”, and then he starts talking to Julia in that I know you know kinda way. After about 20 minutes of this she starts getting pissy and now wants to fight this guy but he leaves before he gets punched in the face.

Now it’s just the two of us again, drunk at 2am on a now thursday morning, surely there’s only one thing to be done. and that one thing turns out to be her kicking me out of her house as well. I didn’t even say anything. I knew I couldn’t get home even if I wanted to so I just slept in the stairwell of her apartment.

I wake up to a knocking. Her neighbour’s knocking on the door asking if I’m in the way.
To my amusement turns out I’m not the first guy to be with Julia who’s slept in her stairwell.
The neighbour scurries on and somehow I’m invited back inside.

“sorry about that.”
“that’s fine. I haven’t slept in a stairwell for a while.”

It must’ve been her idea, it wouldn’t have been mine cause I’m not a morning wine kind of person.
Two alcoholic delinquents at 8:45am sitting in the gutter waiting for the bottleshop to open. She knew the guy in the bottleshop as well and we got six bottles of wine to tide us over.

All day we sat on her balcony drinking wine and getting purple lips. This time she tells me about her life and how her father raped her and so the father and the mother have moved abroad so that the father doesn’t get arrested and thrown in jail but she misses her dad.
I just stare at her purple lips and still kinda want to get into her pants but at least the wine was nulling the vibe and making the world calm again.

We head inside, into her bedroom, this time surely, and right on que comes the same guy who was there the night before. fuckin’ bastard.
I start to become aware of what cycle goes on here and I don’t really want to sleep in the stairwell again so I finish my glass of wine and tell Julia I’m going home.

“No! Don’t go, stay, please stay here with me.”
At this point I didn’t really care, “nah, see you later.”
She grabbed me by the balls before I walked away. Smartass.

Oh well. I went and got some nann bread and sat on the train in a groggy haze and got back to my friends house where I had to wait for them to stop watching tv and go to bed before I could go to bed because I was sleeping on their lounge.

I probably should of stayed in the stairwell.