10 Really Interesting Deaths!

10 Really Interesting Deaths!

Because death is a sad experience, especially when you lose a loved one, most people don’t really like to talk about it. Death often catches many people off guard, causing emotional trauma and overwhelming pain.  At some stage in our lives we are all going to die. So, taking a look at death and dying – here we take a look at some of the most interesting deaths that have occurred.

Every now and then the strange circumstances that lead up to the death of some, can be unpredictable and even hilarious. Sometimes we have to really have a good laugh, but take it easy, overdoing it is never a good idea.

1 Marciana Silva Barcelos, a Brazilian woman was on her way to bury her dead husband Josi Silveira Coimbra in Alvorada Barcelos, on 10 November 2008. She was traveling as a passenger in the hearse that was carrying her dead husband. You would never expect to die the day after your husband, and certainly not on the way to his funeral, but a speeding car struck the back of the hearse, dislodging her husbands coffin, which struck her in the back of her neck and instantly killed her. What can you say about such a death. They were never apart, even in death!

2 It is true that sex, although fun, can kill you! Sergey Tuganov, a strapping 28 year old Russian bet two women that he could have sex with them for a straight 12 hours. After winning $4,300 on this bet he died of a heart attack. Apparently he had taken an entire bottle of Viagra before beginning this feat. It can be said that Sergey spent his last hours as a happy man.In 2005 Kenneth Pinyon died from injuries when he had sex with an Arabian stallion. Apparently he engaged in bestiality regularly and distributed videos on it. This was one time too many.

3 Dr Hitoshi Nikaidoh of Christus St.Joseph Hospital, Houston, TX stepped into the elevator one Saturday morning, but was pinned by his shoulders between the doors, which closed to early. Due to failure of the safety system which is supposed to prevent passengers from becoming trapped in the elevator doors, he died. The elevator ascended and his head went in one direction and his body in another. Statistics show that at least 30 people are killed in elevators in the US every year, even though they are used to save time and energy. Elevators are not meant to kill you.

4 Although video games can be very exciting and entertaining, you should take care and take a break from them before they kill you. In 1981, Jeff Dailey, a 19 year old became the first of its kind, video game death victim. He was playing the game “Berzerk” and had scored 16,660 points when he suddenly fell over and died of a heart attack. It was less than two years later that Peter Burkowski, 18 year old was playing the same game and also died of a heart attack.

5 It was in 1988 that a freak strike of lighting stuck the pitch in the Democratic Republic of Congo hitting the visiting team and killing all 11 members. Not only did it take out the whole Bena Tsadi team, but it also burned 31 other individuals on the field. There was a lot of suspicion about witchcraft as the other team were completely unharmed. A similar incident was reported earlier in South Africa where there were not deaths, but players had to be hospitalized.

6 A Lawyer, Garry Hoy, tried in vain to prove a point in Toronto, on July 9, 1993. This lawyer had done this stunt several times before, by running and bouncing off the glass of a window to show how strong it was, without incident. On one such occasion, the glass popped out and he fell to his death. His death was partly responsible for the closing down of the law firm he worked for.

7 This is truly the sad story of Sir Arthur Aston an English soldier who very proudly owned a wooden leg. He was fighting in Ireland in 1649 when he was attacked. His killers checked his wooden leg for gold coins, of which there were none and then proceeded to beat him to death with his own wooden leg!

8 Don’t ever think that laughter cannot kill you. It may be best for some to avoid laughing too long or too hard. You can overdose on laughter. Thomas Urquhart, a Scottish aristocrat apparently died while chuckling after receiving news that Charles II had become King. Pietro Aretino was an Italian playwright and satirist who is said to have suffocated during excessive mirth. An English bricklayer, Alex Mitchell laughed for 25 straight minutes and died after watching a TV episode of The Goodies. His widow is believed to have thanked the program for her husbands delightful death experience.

9 In 1871 Clement Vallandigham, a US Congressman was representing a defendant in a murder trial. He argued that the victim could have possibly shot himself and demonstrated this by drawing his pistol from his pocket. He then accidentally shot himself in the leg with his loaded gun, severing the femoral artery and died a few minutes after. Needless to say, the defendant in the case was acquitted and free to go.

10 In 1926 Phillip McClean and his brother, then 16 and 13, discovered a cassowary, the third largest flightless bird in their garden. They decided to use a bat and kill the bird. Philip tried to hit the bird, but missed, managing to anger it. Taking aim, the bird charged and kicked Phillip on the neck. Phillip got up and ran, but died soon after from severe blood loss. These birds are known as dangerous, but this is the only recorded instance of death.

There are many recorded strange incidents of death, many of them completely unavoidable and others that seem as though they could have been avoided. However, safe-guarding our lives and not doing anything that may cause fatality is solely the responsibility of every individual. You need to carefully nurture and try to preserve your life at every turn, after all you may have only one!